The Apocalypse Issue

I am happy to announce that The Apocalypse issue is out. You can read it online by going to Magazine > Current Issue Enjoy! “We are living on the brink of apocalypse but the world is asleep”   – Joel C. Rosenberg (1967 – )

Between the Lines

By Donnique Williams Creased pages and bended spine. What once was yours, now is mine. I open up this gifted book flip the pages, carefully caress the places of indentation of denotation of connotation. Each note a gem a new found land. I reconstruct in shallow scribbles the image of this man. This book where […]

Beauty in Cosmos

By Madilyn Bozinis Remote incandescent body, Fixed luminous point in the sky. Held together by your gravity, Visible to the naked eye. You’re perfect. Gathering and gathering all pressures. Collapsing and collapsing despite itself. Swirling and swirling into creation. Time and time and time and time. Your long life shows us short beauty. Can I […]

The Unknown

By Charis Hesketh The unknown scares me And the thing is I usually don’t get scared It’s like jumping into space Where you can feel nothing there I feel like my dreams will not come true That the universe will bet against me And that makes me feel so blue Like I can’t live in […]


Preye T A She’s a storyteller, she tells all kinds, The lies don’t count though. “Unfair”, she thinks. School is lacklustre, but provides a solid career to fall back on “We have discussed this writing hobby for the last time”. But her mind constantly raging Her mundane existence is her inspiration, So her fiction lives […]

I was I am

By Mitchell Kooh I was here. Where were you? When day was new and night was long. With waters dark as the void in the eye of the storm. The light breaking. Light dying. And Man walked the earth. Where were you when I laid the foundations? Tell me. When the mourning stars sang together. […]


By Rebecca Allison I remember the dock. The summer night cools as the Cheshire smiles. Marshmallows cry off in the distance. Their last rites read by the whispering flames. Their tongues lap at the sweet offerings. The dim light barely registers. I scan the infinite canvas before me. Specks of dust, above as below. But […]

Genesis 11:8

By Ashley Hynd I peered through the telescope. Saw 42 constellations. Insignificant. Connect the dot skies, a dollhouse of cosmic dust, alphabetic blocks C H O                               the messy floor of God’s playroom. His mother drunk on consequence never held him […]


By Rebecca Allison Hand me the tarot cards. ‘Ology over ‘onomy. Plant your words. The future written in particles. Thousands of miles, the distance to their dance floor. Atoms mambo to the beat. Music falls in silence. No oxygen to translate. Gaseous balls glint and glow. Their steps, Morse code. Dots and dashes recorded and […]