Told Only in Whispers Contest Winner

Click below to read the winning peice for our Told Only In Whispers Contest!

Writing Contest

Blueprint Magazine’s 2020 Writing Contest has the writing prompt of “Blood Flower”, and is due on September 21st.

The Elements Issue

Blueprint Magazine’s summer 2020 issue is produced under the theme of the Elements. All visual and written submissions are used in video compilations to keep our readers engaged and provide more online content for our community.

Pride Project

Blueprint Magazine’s Pride Project was iniatited in June, 2020 and is a collection of art and literature pieces in a digital format.

Flash Fiction

Blueprint Magazine’s Flash Fiction Contest was iniatited in May, 2020 and is a collection of the top 3 selected fictional literature pieces.

Laurier Grad Project

Blueprint Magazine presents the Laurier Grad Project 2020 video campaign, where we had the chance to create a video with The Arkells and share the stories of Laurier’s class of 2020.

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