Blueprint Magazine operates using an open submission callout. Everything you read and see within our issues came to us from students, local artists and international contributors.We are generally accepting of most forms of creative expression and thought, in both print and visual form. Submitted pieces should be thought-provoking, topical, and relevant to the theme of our current callout.

We prefer submissions via e-mail, addressed to

What Kind of Written Work Does Blueprint Publish?

We’re open to publishing a diverse range of content and forms. Surprise us! That being said, we do divide our published works into two general categories: 

  • Prose: Short fiction, essays, and editorials that are imaginative, engaging, as well as relevant to the issue.
  • Poetry: Poetry of all styles is welcome, but we expect excellence and thoughtful attention to the engagement of issue themes.

Given the bizarre but fascinatingly thin line between poetry and prose, we have labelled them thus, and understand that some works play with this line or even flagrantly disregard it. If your concrete poetry, prose poem, or other creation doesn’t fit nicely within these distinctions, feel free send it our way and challenge our understanding of the written word.

Word Limits

There are no word limits (minimum or maximum) for submitted pieces, but space in our print issues is limited. Please limit the submission of excessively long pieces and try to keep your submissions to approximately 1500 words. Pieces longer than this must be of exceptionally high quality to be printed in full; otherwise, they will likely be edited down or placed exclusively on our website. 

Our editor is responsible for reading through and assessing many submissions. If you would like to submit more than one written piece for consideration, please limit the combined word count of all submissions to 3000 words and help us to ensure that we have the time to consider submissions from all contributors. 

Please send all written work in DOC format to 

Art & Photography Guidelines

What Kind of Image Does Blueprint Publish?

We look for creative, engaging images that are relevant to the theme presented. Previously, Blueprint has published photographs, photo essays, paintings, sketches, collages, designs, comic strips and more. You can refer to past issues to see what kind of images we print, but we’re generally open to any ideas you may have. 

Image Specifications

Send all images in the largest size and resolution you have available.

Images that are at least 8½ by 11 inches and high resolution (300dpi) are preferred. Small and/or low-resolution images are welcome for submission, but note that if selected they will be printed in black-and-white.

Images should be sent in an easily readable format – JPG or TIFF preferred.

Images should not be watermarked.

Sending Your Image 

Please include a brief caption or description with your image.

Though the description itself may not be published in the magazine, it will give us some context if we choose to publish it. Digital files or copies are the only accepted method of submission for images. Due to liability issues, we will not accept originals. Arrangements can be made to include images that cannot be sent via e-mail; contact us for such concerns. Please send all images to

Cover Page

Each issue, we seek out an artist or photographer to create our front cover. If you are interested in designing an issue cover, please send a link to your online portfolio or three examples of previous works to If you are interested in creating a cover for our current issue call out, please also include a brief concept for the cover you would like to design.


Each issue of Blueprint has a unique theme that can be found in the Callout section of our website. Contributors are asked to create writing and/or images based around this theme and send their submissions to . We will be in contact with you shortly following our submission deadline to let you know whether or not your submission(s) has been chosen. .

Anyone! Blueprint Magazine is a Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publication and encourages submissions from Wilfrid Laurier University students. However, each issue we publish also contains works from beginner and professional artists both within the Waterloo Community and across the globe.

For detailed information on submissions, please refer to our contributor’s guidelines.

Blueprint will not publish product or event reviews, academic theses, bad rants, or celebrity profiles. Aside from that, we’re pretty much open to whatever ideas you may have for submissions. You don’t have to “pitch” an idea to us – just send it in and we’ll consider it for inclusion in the magazine.

We sometimes have room for last minute submissions in the print edition, so it’s worth it to at least send your piece in. Late submissions received before the issue hits the stands will also be considered for inclusion on the website. That being said, please always get your submissions to us as soon as you can!

If your piece is not included in the print edition, don’t be discouraged. The high number of submissions we receive, combined with the limited number of pages we have to fill, means that only so many articles can make it in. Quality is only one of the many factors that go into the selection process; we look for pieces that balance one another so that many perspectives are covered.
If you would like to discuss a submission, inquire as to why a submission was not published or ask for tips to improve future submissions, do not hesitate to contact .

Sorry, but no. Though we accept submissions from professional artists and writers, we are unable to pay you for your work.

Email and we’ll help you out.

Note that in contributing to Blueprint, you agree to abide by the WLUSP Code of Conduct .