About Us

Blueprint Magazine is an arts and literature magazine founded by students of Wilfrid Laurier University in 2002. Although we began as a creative outlet for students, our contributor base has grown to include emerging and established artists both within our community and across the globe.

We believe that our information-loaded, task-driven world needs a little more creativity. The theme we choose each issue asks our contributors to see the world in a new way, whether it’s through a brush, a pen, the lens of a camera or a character in a story. To learn about our open submission process or our current callout please refer to our Contribute section.

Thea Biallas

Editor-in-Chief (EIC)

Thea is a Communication Studies student with an Option in Leadership and a Minor in Spanish. She loves contributing to the Laurier community, whether that be as a volunteer for Radio Laurier or host for Talk the Hawk Sports, an intramural referee, and now the Editor-in-Chief for Blueprint Magazine. Thea loves creating psychedelic art, spending time with friends and family, and traveling the world!