About Us

Blueprint Magazine is an arts and literature magazine founded by students of Wilfrid Laurier University in 2002. Although we began as a creative outlet for students, our contributor base has grown to include emerging and established artists both within our community and across the globe.

We believe that our information-loaded, task-driven world needs a little more creativity. The theme we choose each issue asks our contributors to see the world in a new way, whether it’s through a brush, a pen, the lens of a camera or a character in a story. To learn about our open submission process or our current callout please refer to our Contribute section.

Thea Biallas

Editor-in-Chief (EIC)

Thea is a Communication Studies student with an Option in Leadership and a Minor in Spanish. She loves contributing to the Laurier community, whether that be as a volunteer for Radio Laurier or host for Talk the Hawk Sports, an intramural referee, and now the Editor-in-Chief for Blueprint Magazine. Thea loves creating psychedelic art, spending time with friends and family, and traveling the world!



Martina Boakye-Gyan

Visual Content Manager

Martina is a communication student pursuing a double minor in cultural studies and film. One of her biggest enjoyments is making mixed media art while watching horror movies and thrillers or reality TV from the 2000s. She loves hanging out with her family and friends, having picnics and drinks, and being part of creative communities that encourage and display unique visions of artists!


Amichai Abraham

Literary Editor

My name is Amichai Abraham but everyone calls me Chay. I’m entering my fifth year at Laurier pursuing a combined honours degree in Film Studies and Philosophy. I’ve been passionate about writing and film since high school and am a lifelong pro-wrestling fan. I also work as the managing editor for The Cord.

Khushi Kaur Malhotra

Events and Marketing Manager

Khushi is pursuing her Psychology and Neuroscience studies. She has volunteered and organized many events in the Laurier community and is so excited to bring some thrilling and exciting events for Blueprint Magazine! Khushi enjoys listening to music, watching comfort sitcoms, dancing with loved ones and always ready to embrace the opportunities that come her way!