About Us

Blueprint Magazine is an arts and literature magazine founded by students of Wilfrid Laurier University in 2002. Although we began as a creative outlet for students, our contributor base has grown to include emerging and established artists both within our community and across the globe.

We believe that our information-loaded, task-driven world needs a little more creativity. The theme we choose each issue asks our contributors to see the world in a new way, whether it’s through a brush, a pen, the lens of a camera or a character in a story.

To learn about our open submission process or our current callout please refer to our Contribute section.

Our Team

Rachel Panico

Editor-in-Chief (EIC)

Rachel is a double major in Honours English and Medievalism studies. She is starting Graduate school in the fall to pursue her Master’s degree in English literature. She started working with Blueprint last year as Literary Editor. She loves animals more than people.

Isabella Andrade

Literary Editor

Isabella Andrade recently graduated from Laurier and she is headed to law school in the fall. She loves folk music, the full moon, fresh fruit, and old clothes. 

Mansi Jaswal

Social Media and Marketing Manager

Mansi Jaswal is an English major completing her third year of undergrad. Mansi is the Social Media and Marketing Manager at Blueprint Magazine. She enjoys freelance designing and writing as they allow her to be creative and expressive. In her spare time Mansi can be found playing with her dog or baking. 

Desiree Falcao

Videographer/Video Editor

Desiree Falcao is a fourth year Film Production major and the Videographer and Video Editor at Blueprint Magazine. She has a passion for storytelling, courtesy of her love of stories told on different mediums like books and films. She enjoys creating videos and collaborating to find the best ideas that visually bring the stories to life. 


Kyle Quilatan

Art Intern

Kyle Quilatan is a second-year English student and an Art and Photography Intern at Blueprint Magazine. He began contributing pieces to the magazine just this year and looks forward to continuing to do so. Kyle loves working with new styles and mediums and draws inspiration from many artists in the community and on social media. 

Abby Atchana

Art Intern

Abby Atchana is a Film Studies major. She is in her second year at Laurier and is aiming towards getting a Psychology minor. Abby works as an Arts and Photography Intern at Blueprint Magazine. Apart from that, she also enjoys analyzing film and all things art. After accomplishing graduating from Laurier, Abby is in hopes of going to the Vancouver Film School to further her degree. 

Emily Tong

Promotions Intern

As of 2020, Emily joined the team as a Promotions Intern. Aside from her interest in literature and the arts, she also enjoys playing in the dirt (otherwise known as gardening), and tickling the good ol’ ivories.

Sangeet Mutsuddi

Literary Intern

Sangeet is a film studies major currently on the production pathway. He first joined the team as an intern and has been excited to contribute to the legacy of Blueprint! Aside from that, he is borderline obsessed with analyzing film, as well as working on his own scripts and videos in his spare time.

Olivia McIntosh

Videographer/Video Editor Intern

Olivia is a third-year Communications Studies student with a minor in Anthropology, with a love for creative writing, videography, and fashion. Aside from being Blueprint’s Videographer/Video Editor Intern, Olivia enjoys sailing and being out on the water as she is originally from Florida. Olivia is looking forward to continuing to pursue her passions for the creative industries in her future endeavors. 

Marina Loizides

Production Intern

Marina is a French student with minors in Psychology and Communications. She joined the team as our Production Intern in September 2020 and works closely with our EIC. She adores watching films, reading, going on adventures, having conversations, and making yummy food!