Where to Begin

By Amanda Scheifele

Where to begin You just did I just did what You just began No I didn’t Yes you did I was writing about figuring out how to begin And that’s how your story begins The story begins when the actual story begins I don’t think so Yes, I chose where it begins So a beginning doesn’t have to begin at the beginning …I suppose— As in, you can begin at the middle and backtrack Sure You can begin at the end and totally flip it around I guess Or you can even begin before the beginning But then I just began after or before the beginning… what’s the beginning that I’m beginning around? Is that the real beginning or is the place that I chose to begin the beginning? You’re confusing No I’m—well maybe—but you started it! No I didn’t Yes you did, you told me that my simply beginning to write is the beginning that I was trying to figure out And then you said you had already begun so I didn’t begin this whole escapade, you did when you tried to begin a story But then you began this whole shaboodle by commenting on it! Exactly.