We’re All Sexy

Image by Frances Farmer

Everyday we are bombarded by the concept of “sexy”. The men and women in commercials are sexy. The majority of celebrities are sexy. Most of us? We’re not sexy.

So, this poses an important question: “What is sexy?” Is it an individual choice? Or, do we get our vision of ultimate sex appeal from the media? If there were no media images, would we all still find the same sort of people sexy? Would the leggy, well-endowed blondes and the six-packed, dark and mysterious men still be the visions of ultimate sexiness? Or, if you run with a different sort of crew, would those tattooed ladies and gentlemen still catch your eye?

When we find these people sexy (assuming we do), is it something we’re born with? An innate programming to know that these images are inherently sexy?

No. Of course not.

While these images given by the media are generally accepted in society as sexy, we all have our own idea of what sexy is. Sometimes we’re thrown off, meeting someone who doesn’t fit our regular vision of “sexy”; but still, there’s something that makes you… yeah, you know.

In my very limited knowledge and experience, I believe that the media and Hollywood have their own idea of sexy and individuals have another. It’s not just the physical, it’s all about a person’s attitude and the way they present themselves that makes them sexy.

We all know what we like in the people we find sexy, attractive, or whatever you want to call it. It may be what the world expects you to like; or, you might just find that your idea of sexy is something completely your own. And, that’s okay too.