Well-Practiced Liars

Hincks, Allie

Illustration by Allie Hincks

No one cares
For the truth of anything
They just want to see
The way we’re all pretending

If you close your lips
And shut your eyes
You’ll soon discover
How we learn to live among the lies

No one believes you
No one ever will
Because your pain is exciting;
It’s nothing more than a cheap thrill

They say it was not real
Such things have never occurred
Yet all those people are not real
It’s from the lies, I’m sure

We are built to be liars
But we are also born to speak
The two go hand in hand
It’s what makes us all weak

The truth keeps stirring
Like a hidden realm in our flesh
Somehow, we are taken by the lies;
They prevent us from being our best

Even the best are born to lie
Though they say their words are true
But we are all well-practiced liars Even you