Welcome, Friends!

Photography by Devon Butler

Gather round slaves, and rejoice!

I come from Master Zukunft’s manor, and I wish to speak to you all about your new home.

Fellow slaves, the binds here don’t hurt; they’re as easy to wear as our hearts, as natural as dreaming, and as comforting as praying, for Master Zukunft trusts our fidelity in true kindness.

The sick embrace their shackles, kissing them. They’ll tell you that Master Zukunft will heal them.

Doubt in Master Zukunft is unheard of, and even those otherwise weak in spirit will proclaim their confidence in our Master Zukunft.

The old and young alike depend on Master Zukunft for he creates possibilities and presents them as opportunities.

Even the disabled speak of days when they will run robustly again, alongside Master Zukunft.

“Revolt, revolt,” Camus has cried, but even he was Master Zukunft’s slave, for if the sun is to come up tomorrow, only Master Zukunft is to blame. And if salvation is to come, it is only through Master Zukunft.

Hope is synonymous with Master Zukunft, so slaves, I ask you again, rejoice!

To belong to Master Zukunft is to give into joy. Master Zukunft will save us all.