We were there once

By Stephanie Shokoff

Extended by circumstance into endless waters
you’re searching for that happen stance moment of alignment.
Whispers come to hear. Fruition is framed from the narrative of time
having waited for the reaping.

Thinking beyond the margin of convention,
as people are designed by the times and their fashions.
To set yourself on fire like a phoenix
when we repair, we repair with gold
we have created ourselves whole, my dear Socratic intent,
out of the ashes of my former self, I AM heaven sent.

When you should find a mirror to your soul,
you are in a place you have never before known.
The forests’ eyes are upon you, my may king,
race from the stars, in light beams and wavelengths.
Transcend this reality and be together on an unexplored plane.

The alchemists, out of dust, have given rise to a star.
Infrared wavelength, has truly seen me
later, from the gathering where we met, drives me to my front door.
we cross paths a few times more.

See, we were there once, calling me home, now it is time.
Out of the clock, tick tock so fucking contrived.
It’s those eyes that haunt my dreams, calling me home, calling me home.
Obsidian and strength, the heart only knows.
These images flash before my eye, when we were there once,
standing beneath the moonless night.
Jupiter and mars united, if only, for a beat or two or three.
when we depart, forever more in my heart.

Shooting stars and sacred geometry,
lavender farms and apiaries.
Nova Scotian pubs and to different countries,
oh I have traveled you with me.

When it’s over, I’ll catch a star beam,
like pan, we fly to reach our Shang-ri-la.
I know my wavelength and we’ll meet again,
if not in this lifetime, then the next.