Walk On

Walk on
we don’t want to stop
Look down
we don’t want to see
Stare ahead
We don’t want to know

Cling to Ignorance
Deny Reality;
Seek refuge in its uneasy comfort

Can we really understand?
Understand the strength behind the weatheredness,
the beauty behind the pain
Do we realize the suffering and alienation beyond a face
The voicelessness and desperation beyond the fear

We don’t see the shame and vulnerability
We don’t see the countless struggles that come with the sun each day
Instead we point, accuse and blame

Why such gaps and division?
Why do we succumb to such blindness;
Letting pride and systematic socialization dictate our interactions

Where a smile is still a smile, affirmation is affirmation
where love is still a gift, friendship remains a desire and community is still a comfort

When will we chose to see humanness above all else……