Wake up, Canada! This war is not holy

There’s an ex-oilman and a former defense contractor in the White House granting no-bid contracts to their corporate buddies to build permanent bases, sell arms, lay pipelines and rake in billions from a theoretically endless war on a concept—terror—which happens to emanate from the oil- and gas-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. They’re exposing civilian populations and their own troops to depleted uranium, not to mention the thousands on the receiving end who bite the bullet. The Pentagon admits over $3 trillion has gone unaccounted for since 2000—more than an entire year’s federal income—and this on top of $400+ billion annual defense budgets (not including the costs of Iraq and Afghanistan) the likes of which we haven’t seen since Reagan turned the heat up on the Commies in the early 80s. The U.S. government will owe over $50 trillion in debt in 2008 when the first baby-boomers start to retire, and another trillion is added each year they defer payment.

If that weren’t enough, there’s a compelling circumstantial case—and possibly hard evidence of controlled demolition if professor Steven Jones’ analysis of WTC structural steel stands up to peer review—for 9/11 having been an inside job, Bush and Cheney’s equivalent of Hitler’s Reichstag fire and staged Polish attack rolled up in one. But don’t take my word for it, please research this issue and decide for yourselves.

Is there anything we can do to stop this constant catastrophe? Well, we can take little comfort in the knowledge that the neo-cons are running against the clock in a number of ways. If global oil production hasn’t peaked already, it will soon, and they’re fighting a gas-guzzling war for the largest remaining reserves, bypassing Russian pipelines and encircling rising China in the process. They lack the manpower to do so effectively, however; the American public is less than eager to enlist, so they’re plundering the treasury to fund high-tech silver bullets while they find a way to implement “universal service” so it doesn’t look like a draft. Those baby-boomers aren’t getting any younger, though, and if they don’t raise taxes and/or cut benefits dramatically, they’re going to break the back of the economy, causing a real estate crash and a severe depression.

As Herb Stein once said, “Things that can’t go on forever don’t”. In an interview with Alex Jones, Chalmers Johnson observed that “Bankruptcy will produce a crisis even if the public doesn’t care what happens to the Constitution, and that will require a reanalysis of how we are spending our resources on the military”. The neo-fascists (let’s call a spade a spade) are overreaching themselves, and they will fail, but not before it blows up in all our faces, possibly triggering a Third World War.

So what can we do? We can educate ourselves, speak up, ask questions and demand answers, demand that 9/11 be independently reinvestigated, let our government and media know that we’re informed and deeply concerned about what’s happening to our southerly neighbours, and that we won’t just stand by and let it happen, but will organize and take action!

And if there’s another 9/11 before the elections in November, I’ll know who the prime suspects are, and not many of them are brown—they’re the people who can’t afford to stand trial for their lies and crimes, those now trying to justify illegal torturing and spying to cover their backs. I really don’t want to play the prophet here; I don’t want to believe governments could do such things to their own citizens, but the Lose Weight Exercise of the evidence and the experience of history tell me otherwise. Don’t buy into this “clash of civilizations”! A majority of Muslims believe 9/11 was an inside job—89% of al-Jazeera viewers as of October, 2004—and most realize that the average American is not to blame. Now it’s time for the slumbering masses of the “free” world to wake up and stop this unholy war!