Wake Eat Love Sleep

Katie Parkes

Illustration by Katie Parkes

There is always a bit of psychology involved in our appetite. One day you may have no real preference for eggs, and the next- after reading a few chapters from Hemingway’s Garden of Eden- riddled with accounts of countless sea side breakfasts- you may adore the idea of eggs.

Enjoying food is not limited to a material experience. And it is often that there is a great story to be told about what you eat and why. I’ll tell you right now that the story is not about how much or little you eat, or with how much decadence you do so. You are most definitely what you eat, but food is also about family, it is about your past, about your preferences and it is your sensory gateway to different places and different times. The value of food is decadence in itself. Your mother’s recipes will bring you comfort no matter what time or place you use them. They will give you nostalgia and send you back in time despite any circumstances. When you are working away in your own kitchen, decades later, it will still give off the same aroma. Time may change many things, but it won’t change taste. And taste and smell are our gateways to the best moments of our past. So, its what we do as humans, we eat, we read, we love and reminisce. Then we go to bed and start from the top.