Groom, Jessica
Illustration by Jessica Groom

So you want to know how to break me,
How to shake me and bend me,
How to shatter me and scatter me.

It is easy.
First start with dust.
Put enough pressure on it,
Turn each grain into sand.
Then take a flame,
Melt it down and mould it
Into a vase.
Put any decoration you want on it.
Make it as big or as small as you please,
But don’t get used to it.

Fill the vase with water.
Overflow it with your thoughts,
Let it fall over the sides,
Covering each inch of the design,
Until all you see is yourself
Upon the reflection.

Take a flower,
Whichever you prefer.
A lily for peace,
Sunflower for light,
A Gardenia for every scent that is right.
Place it into your creation,
Having it absorb your mind,
Blossoming from your emotions,
Letting its fragrance fill the air,
Taking the place of pain
So it doesn’t seem as bad
As it may initially feel.

Find a place for this vase.
A safe place,
A place where
Even if it falls…
It won’t break.
Maybe in your bedroom,
Just to keep it close,
While you are dreaming,
And when you wake,
It is the first image you see.
Just to keep you smiling
For a little while.

You may also want to carry it around.
Keep it close and near,
Just as you do with your feelings.
Do not let it drift too far away,
You may lose yourself.
Only when you are ready,
You can let the vase go.
Even if that means
Climbing to the highest point you can,
Holding the vase outstretched,
Over the edge,
You have taken what you needed from it,
And now you can let it go…

Watch, listen…
As the vase screams and falls,
The inevitable fate which you gave it.
Crashing onto the ground,
Only dust remains.
Unable to be reassembled,
Left to drift alone,
Lost among the rest of the earth,
While you, carry onward.

Finally, when you understand its feeling,
A vase of you shall be made,
And for your sake.
Hope they hold onto you,
As you hang off their arm
On their mountain top.