Quickly walking away across the street, while hoping get to the bus in time, I am wishing I was back home where sleeping would dream. Working fast, I am eating a disgusting bag of chips, while pondering my route as time is running out and I need to go and do. Planning by wandering and directly looking at my feet while worrying on my goal, I am driving myself into a back alley wishing that there is more time. Feeling this fearful way as I am traveling onward deeply into darkness, by stepping I crumple a can beneath my feet and falling I bang my elbow on the alley floor.

A hairy finger, tapping on my temple, tells me that I am disturbing the showing of the film. Apologizing I am seeing that he is a skunk and I decide to give the show a chance. A group of skunks is watching a silent movie being projected on the side of a dumpster. Quietly I sit down at the back of the crowd beside a skunk who tells me that I smell. Staring ever forward at the screen and I remember that silent movies move slowly. I am bored but fearing I remain sitting. This is boring.

I wish I had less time. Then I see upon the screen a scene that does redeem and I settle in my seat. A man shows his hand to lady. We can see that there is a hole in the middle of it. There are ants crawling out of the hole. The man smiles. A skunk hands me an orange. I bite at it through the skin. The juice drips down my chin. I am not late.