by Daniella Cavallini

Every time we talked it was uncertain
If this thing we created would last.
How could one person leave so much debris
Scattered across a heart that it pierced through
Bleeding out memories with every beat

Breathing becomes a chore
When there is a limit to life with you
Choking has become the norm
The lump in my throat is always sore (it’s making me blue)

Drowning my cries in the bath
So no one worries
Since clearly you never did.
How toxic does a relationship have to be
Until one realizes

Would people still swallow the drug
If they came with side effect warnings?
Or would people ignore the signs
Like they do with the cigarette boxes

Why does the human mind never forget?
The heart can only endure so much pain.
How can people allow others to cry?
Do you think more people would care

If every time someone cries they were notified

The feeling of failure is what lingers
Who wants to jump in water with an open wound
Plenty of fish they say but no one mentions
The difficultly of teaching a fish how to swim again.