Photography by Brian Limoyo

As a human entity in a world full of unknown integers, the ability to explore is a magnificent concept. Exploration to me is a process of not only discovery, but rather fulfillment. The need to explore has come from a peculiar gap, one that I have been trying to fill. A slit in my soul. But, let me be clear. Exploration and the act of exploring should not be understood definitively, rather openly and subjectively. Whether I am exploring the world or new feelings, this complete process of exploration is necessary in order to seal the void. My mind struggles between what can be and what was. Everyday is a new form of exploration, and the unknown is so attractive, yet so frighteningly difficult to comprehend, that it completely consumes me. There is a whole world of people I may never get to meet, or an emotion I may never get to feel, but the unknown is what drives me – forces me to explore. Maybe this disease, this intense desire to devour all that exploration offers me, the new, the unknown, is just a temporary escape. This experience, this forceful seeking takes me away from the everyday routine I currently experience. Why is it that I cannot just exist? Why do new feelings and new places need to be experienced? I’ll tell you why. I’m running away from all of the negative emotions I feel in this everyday abode. Maybe routine and the constancy of emotional displacement have forced me to seek out the unfamiliar, in order to verify, to compare what I have in this moment of time with what is possible. My life is an endless process of exploration and I will continue to explore until I feel full. Until I am complete.