Photography by Devon Butler

By 2014 I want to be living in Montreal, grabbing coffees and naming my pet pig, dying my hair colors and being a graduate student. I want to soak up French-Canadian culture, meet wacky people, and fully enjoy being a twenty-something woman. I want to improve my writing skills, and I want to sing everyday. I want to have a strong sense of self. I want to learn about healthy eating habits, and how to use basic French in everyday conversations. I want to connect with the natural and the magical. I want to receive flowers. I want to give flowers away, and smile at everyone. I want to be hairy by letting everything grow, even in the summer. I want to discover new moles and new sides to my ever-changing psyche. I want to learn about the sun and the moon. I want to seek solitude. I want to seek friendship. I want to seek sisterhood. I want real tattoos, fake tattoos, to be kissed and kiss in return. And lastly, I want to be in love with me, and after that, you.