Unlike a Fairytale

by Mariah Jackson

Why? Oh why?
Is she so much better than I?
Yet I’m not surprised you left
I played all the cards in my hand
But they didn’t go as planned
All the signs pointed in the wrong direction
But what now am I to do?
Now that I have no longer have you
I was a stupid girl
I lost in a losing race
Couldn’t keep up with her pace
Trying to ignore all the evidence
Now she’s winning the game
And I’m left without a name
You didn’t want to make promises you couldn’t keep
Was that really the reason?
Are you sure you weren’t the one to commit treason?
Suddenly it was too late
Was it really me?
Or maybe her mystery …
Looking back, it was always only a matter of time
Why was it that she won?
And I am the one left undone?
And then came the day
I hope you get what you deserved, your cocky attitude kicked to the curb
And come to the realization you’re absorbed
You’re no fairytale … you left
And in fact I am no less than she
Because there is truly nobody better than me