Two Horses


Photography by Emily Kennedy

In search of spiritual understanding one cannot abandon the physical world

My body is not a mere vessel for the soul
If the soul were to escape me I would still have meaning
My arms have embraced the ones I love
My feet in these Vans have walked endless miles in an effort to clear my mind
My stomach has ached for hours after spending time with friends

In search of a physical meaning one cannot abandon the spiritual world

We are made with eyes as a test to see beyond them
Our physical entities provide us with the opportunity
to feel empathy for those who lack what we have
My heart provides me with another second to connect with those around me
My appetite is there at times to be suppressed
to turn away from physical desires in search of something more

The body and the soul cannot be spoken of in separate terms
As much as we may try
We can never abandon one without losing the other