Top 5 Cheap Places to Eat on Campus

1. Harvey’s Value menu
It may not be easy to find on the menu, but it’s probably the most food you’ll get for the least amount of cash. A value burger + value fries/onion rings/or a salad and a value drink for less than $4 total! The biggest perk about this one is the salad, because it can counteract the burger and eliminate fast food guilt.

2. Pizza Pizza
Unfortunately it’s another fast food option, but you can’t beat lunch (pizza slice) for less than three dollars. Another tip: get your drink out of a pop machine for $1, save yourself some tax and any other fees that vendors may charge, you can end up saving a quarter each time and those can add up quickly (think laundry!).

3. Tim Hortons
You may not plan on running late to class, but it’s gonna happen and if you make it to Tim hortons between classes you can get a quick (right before class you might find it’s not so quick) muffin/bagel and a coffee for less than three dollars. Also some Tim Hortons on campus have sandwiches (about $3), fruit/yogurt ($1), pizza (see above), soup and more- which is also convenient if you spend most of your time in say the science building and don’t want to spend time walking to the terrace/dining hall.

4. Pita Shack
If you’re willing to go veggie or cheese, this can be an affordable option at around $4, but if you want meat, and a drink, and maybe some chips- you can be looking at getting past the $7 dollar mark which is almost at the ‘only for a special occasion’ price range. However, if you do want a pita, make sure to get a pita card so that you can eventually get some chips and a drink for free.

5. Yogen Fruz
Enviro mug! If you’re a dedicated coffee drinker you won’t regret getting one of the prized Environment Awareness Committee mugs here and enjoying the 80 cent refills. Careful of the ice-cream, and speciality drinks, etc- they can add up.

And remember just because you’re on campus doesn’t mean you have to eat on campus- there are many places nearby that can offer affordable meals.