Image by: Nicole Barker

We’re currently living in a society where time is a valuable resource that no one seems to have enough of, or know exactly where to find some more of. We expect everything to be ready as soon as possible, to suit our personal needs. It seems someone has taken the world, and wound it up like a racecar, so that 24 hours now feels like 10, and months fly by like weeks. I know that I am not the only one whose summer seemed to be the fastest one in history; nor can I believe that midterms are already over, and I’m being hurtled through university towards ‘the real world’ faster than I would care to acknowledge. When did life become so fast paced? Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person on the planet who would rather cook food on the old fashioned contraption known as a stove, instead of throwing some over-processed boxed ‘food’ into the microwave.

Time is one of those aspects of our lives that we have no tangible control over. We can pause, rewind, and replay ‘live’ television, but we do not have the ability to alter or extend the time in our own lives. Unlike the song says, time is not on our side; it’s just going to keep on ticking, regardless of what we would like. It becomes easy to get caught up in convenience-obsessed lifestyles that suit those with little time, but it’s really nice to sometimes take the long way. Things as simple as walking instead of driving, or making someone a card instead of having Hallmark tell it how it is, are effective ways to gain perspective on how taking the long way serves as a ‘chill out’ mechanism. Through slowing down, you appreciate your time more, and despite how much longer you spend, you don’t feel cheated, because of the effort you put forth.

The other day my friend said to me, ‘none of my friends wear watches; hippies don’t care what time it is.’ Most of us are all slaves to the ticking dials, but the hippies move on their own accord, or lack thereof. I think the hippies, both modern-day and those reminiscent of the 1960s, are really onto something. They were aware and active in protesting social causes while remaining optimistic, decorated in flowers, and sky high. I’m not saying all hippies don’t wear watches, because I’m sure many do, but the ideology of the hippie is a healthy one. Positive, active, and aware of the passing time but not threatened or frazzled by it: sounds pretty great to me.

We’ve got to remember that life is all about experiences and connections and that nothing should prevent you from pursuing your passions. Once these passions become just ‘another thing to get done’, it may be time to slow down and try to appreciate better what you’ve been doing with your time. The next time you think you’re short on time, try to slow down and really engage with what you’re doing: it will make time seem suspended, just for you. In other words, throw down that Timex and instead, sway towards the philosophy of flower power.