Thoughts on Love

Old Heart, Emily Kennedy

Love should be the base of all our interactions.

Yet we have grown and been grown to compete and judge others.

When we compete we are hoping to dominate.

When we judge we are declaring a privileged position.

We’re unable to accept ourselves as equal to others.

Whether we’re putting someone who’s achieved something great above us, or someone who appears to have nothing desirable below.

Our sense of self-worth seems to be damaged. So we act insecurely, whether we’re submissive or fierce competitors.

A personal change to better our society is to redefine achievement and choose our own measures of success. In this capitalist society achievement is measured in dollars and displayed with material things.

The environmental and social implications of this are complex and many.

What if we started defining achievement on a relational basis? I don’t mean a popularity contest, measuring with number of friends and displaying rankings on social networking websites.

But quality relationships based on a loving care and openness.

Honest interactions steeped with humility and words that say to each being your worth was sewn into your bones and flesh, nothing can change that. I will give you love, and I want to accept the love you give. Sounds divine. Sounds ideal.

Often ideas are shut down. Maybe never shared, what if it’s not the best idea? What if it’s not an original idea? What if someone tried this before and it failed? What if someone judges me?

Speak ideas.

Paint dreams onto walls.

Write hopes like poetry.

Sing visions like anthems.

Everything not shared is lost.

Ideas could be conversations.

Conversations could become…