This is Global

I am queer.

What does it mean to identify as queer? It means many different things to many different individuals. To me it means fluidity; fluidity of gender identity and fluidity of sexual orientation. It also means freedom; freedom to live, freedom to love, freedom from gender and sex-related social constructions, and freedom to grow.

Why queer? Why not identify as one of the various other gender identities and sexual orientations? There are so many to identify as: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, androgynous, and intersexed, among others. The reason I prefer to identify as queer is that it gives me space. Space to explore and space to move.

Why does that matter? Why do I need space? Since sexual orientation is something you are born with, where do I move? What do I explore? Well, here’s an example. I’m attracted to both males and females.

Using the terminology available, someone might label my attraction as “bisexual”. Here’s the thing though, I don’t identify as bisexual. My identity is mine and not anyone else’s to label. I identify as queer and so no matter what terminology is available, queer is how my identity remains.

There’s a second reason why I feel more and more how important to myself my queer identity is. I feel that bisexuality is a gender-exclusive orientation. Due to the fact that gender identity is so fluid and identities such as gender-queer, gender-fucked, or gender-variant are becoming more and more common, I feel that identifying as queer presents myself as open to relationships with individuals who identify as transgendered or any other number of alternative gender identities.

There is more than just male and female or gay and straight. There is more than just binaries.

I am open to loving anyone of any identity.

I am queer.