They Say

Empty, Emily Bednarz

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Sarah’s family values her health and well-being. Every day, her mother sends her to school with a fresh Macintosh.

Johnny comes from a well-off family. Every day, he is sent to school with two apples. He places the Granny Smith on the teacher’s desk.

In elementary school, children are taught to line up on concrete yellow lines when recess ends.

Sarah stands patiently in line, anxious to get back to her crayons and paper.

Johnny is playing games with the other children in line. Teacher calls Johnny a troublemaker, but smiles to the other adults, knowing “he’s really a good boy”.

They say a red sky at night, Shepherd’s delight.

That’s part of the rhyme that Sarah’s mother says to her as they gaze out the window together, admiring the different colours as she reads to Sarah before bed.

Johnny plays videogames, and misses the sky altogether.

They say happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Sarah likes to sit in her front yard in the summertime amongst the flowers, satisfied as she gazes at the butterflies, birds and bees from a distance.

Johnny comes prepared with a net, wearing camouflage. He runs all around his property, and does manage to catch a few.

In high school, teens experience their first real dance.

Johnny’s aunt manages a popular DJ, and arranges for him to play at the school. Johnny’s peers are impressed, and Johnny shares a few slow-dances.

Sarah made all the decorations.

They say the apple never falls too far from the tree.

Sarah grows to value art as an escape, worth more than a thousand words. She works very hard, and earns a scholarship to a reputable Art school.

Johnny begins his career right away. He feels obligated to take care of the business that his parents left to him.

In the workforce, Johnny’s company hires the studio that Sarah works at for their talent to work on an upcoming project.

They meet by chance. Reestablishing a connection, Johnny asks Sarah out.

Sarah politely says no.

They say all’s well, that ends well.

Sarah does not regret her decision. She is afraid if her coworkers found it, it could cause a scandal and she could potentially loseWeight Exercise her job.

Johnny is disappointed but does not dwell on the subject. He goes home that night to watch television and sit with his dog.

Sarah and Johnny never cross paths again. Sarah goes on creating her art. Johnny continues to manage the business.