The Root of the Problem

Image by Yusuf Kidwai

What’s the root of the problem?
And where, can I find a solution?

The appetite of global hunger
can be satisfied by a dive
into the underwater caves of
Eastern Mexico.

The unhappiness of a generation
can be instantaneously cured
upon arrival in Tibet.
My heart can be mended,
by generous portions of Haagen-Dazs
and the mistakes we make
can be overlooked by repeating
the mantra ‘No Regrets’

The best way to assist others
is to take control.

Carving our destinies onto the highest Totem Pole
Without looking back, without looking forward.
Without looking down.
Without recognizing the Lose Weight Exercise the bottom must support.

Distancing ourselves to avoid the bottom
So we too don’t crumble.
So we too need not carry,
so we too can bury,
The root of the problem.