The Monster

Melnyk, Hannah 1

Illustration by Hannah Melnyk

Soft lips and innocent eyes, if only I could have sensed your lies.
The boy was beautiful. He possessed the body of a god.
The soft silhouette of his body mirrored one of a roman statue.
His cunning charm captivated me. I was clearly under his spell.
His rash indifference and arrogance I could not for tell.
His voice echoed through my brain, a soundtrack I listened to on repeat.
With his attractive hazel eyes, no other man could compete.
I remember that coy, boyish smile that made my heart race
Shortly after the yearning and the sweaty palms took place.
Since those first moments, my life has forever changed.
The beautiful man I once knew transformed into a monster.
The Dorian Gray of all ordeals, he only valued himself.
To him, it was a sin to lend out his heart to somebody else.
This dangerous feeling had a dreary demise.