The Dance

By Amanda Scheifele



She wandered from group to group with the wind, an autumn leaf.  Laughing, talking and fluttering just as she should.  She flashed and spun.  Golden, crisp and feminine, just as she ought to be.

Belle! Magnifique! Marveilleuse!

All eyes watched her dance.

The swan on the stairs laughed a silver laugh, diamonds flashing like a night sky.  She could not believe what the parrot had dared to do!

She drifted over on a breeze and rested at their feet, careful to land so the gold showed and swishing to show her new colours.  The swan bent her neck down to her level.  Her head must have been heavy from all the stars on top, but the smile was there.

How do you do, Mademoiselle? Can you believe what this gentleman did?

She could actually— any parrot loved a shoulder to perch on.

“I cannot Madame.”

Well, let me tell you dear, when the raven over there, when she hears what the sparrow said!…

The swan stretched her neck to get their attention and the leaf just turned to catch the light- to sparkle was to be seen.

The raven and the sparrow came over.  They curtsied and gasped, the excitement in their wings taking them to the chandelier.

The leaf tried to follow but the parrot was perched on her shoulder now.

The swan laughed again from above and the golden leaf was forgotten.