The Community Bi-Cycle of Trust

Image by Jacob Pries

My bike had a brief and heroic fight with a car. I was on it. I fell. I broke a bone, hit the pavement pretty hard, but other than that was safe and quite alive. I rode an ambulance to the emergency room, and while waiting there was rather inspired by the experience. The next bit is what I wrote down in my notebook while waiting in the hospital for care, and my friends to arrive.

Reflecting on the whole experience, I am so glad that community exists. Community exists between people who know each other, and even between people who don’t. These are two communities and they are interdependent. Sometimes you will be without one, so you need the other. It’s a “bi”-cycle. Get it? Two wheels that need each other for balance and work at the same time when you engage in it by pedaling and…uh, this metaphor worked better in my head. Anyway!

Community springs up where you don’t even realize it exists. Strangers took care of me until my friends arrived. They took me to the hospital, they bandaged my wounds, they gave me an amazing warmed blanket (St. Mary’s has a blanket warmer, everyone should want one), they wheeled me deftly down the halls of the hospital on a clean bed, they shook my hand, they did it all in four hours. Wow. Let’s be explicit in declaring that universal healthcare is an absolute treasure to be protected!

Somehow the system we’ve created worked for me that day. The system was set up so that we are looking out for each other, trusting that others will help. That’s community. And once the cast comes off…

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like