Techno Logic


Illustration by Doug Ross

Technology is technical

It’s pragmatic and logical

For it builds on itself

Acting as its own foundation

Its own framework

Its own skeleton and scaffolding

Improvements are improved upon

Further improving that which improves itself, only to act as entities on which to be yet improved still

Continually refined

Honed through hours of painstaking deliberation

Tests and procedures

Failed attempts followed eventually by successful logistical mechanistic improvement

Then more revisions

Many more failures

And ultimately, incremental successes collectively paving the way to a more technologically advanced future

The process follows logic

And yet simultaneously defies it

Because how can all this wondrous technology exist?

It doesn’t seem to make sense

But a closer look reveals the gradual process, outlined above

It’s slow and it’s painful but the passion breeds the tech and the tech breeds the love