Preye T A

She’s a storyteller, she tells all kinds,
The lies don’t count though. “Unfair”, she thinks.
School is lacklustre, but provides a solid career to fall back on
“We have discussed this writing hobby for the last time”.

But her mind constantly raging
Her mundane existence is her inspiration,
So her fiction lives a far more fascinating reality
She never finds the right puns hard to write
In the right parts of the right poems no less
They take her heart away
For they are her art, wailing on paper
Because they are the words that she cannot speak,
Parts of herself scattered on paper, a replacement for the tears.
Her characters have the privilege of living a life
Entirely driven by desire; with success, passion and love
And a life where this is enough.

We are storytellers
We make stars in our works of art
And we in every way, shine through them
We just wait for the world to realize it.