Self-Care Tips

By Laurier Mental Health Education Group

There are various ways that you can take care of yourself, most of which require little effort or time commitment. These are just SOME of the simple things that you can do for yourself. Add to this list or even create your own. Make it a priority to take care of you!

When you have a busy schedule, take time for yourself to help you feel more refreshed and focused:

1. Participate in activities that will get your body moving, like exercise, dance or sports.

2. Don’t ignore all your aches and pains. Do something nice for your body, like a massage or a warm shower or bath.

3. Try to find elements of humour in your situation, as laughter is the best medicine.

4. Recognize when you need comfort and then seek comfort in a soothing beverage, a warm blanket, a nice smelling candle, or by spending time with a good friend.

5. Take a mental health day off from school when you need a break.

6. Journal your thoughts, or write a story or poem. Writing may provide a much needed release and an opportunity for reflection.

7. Do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time – don’t put it off any longer!

8. Take a spiritual retreat through meditation, mindful- ness, prayer, or attending a religious service.

9. Engage in a hobby that you enjoy, such as art, crafts, carpentry, or mechanics.

10. Transport yourself into another world. Take some time to get lost in a book or movie to help you temporarily escape. Daydreaming is another great way to feel like you’ve had a mini-vacation from everyday life.

11. Get some sun. A 15 minute sun-break can help you gain your daily requirement for Vitamin D, as well as revitalize your energy levels.

12. Give yourself time to grow and achieve your goals. You may not be where you want to be yet, but celebrate the fact that you are moving in your preferred direction.

13. Crying and laughing are great ways to release emotions that you’ve been holding in.

14. Be playful or silly. Bring out the kid in you by playing in the park, blowing bubbles, drawing with crayons or finger paint, or singing your favourite song aloud.

15. Seek good supports, such as family, friends, romantic partner, or counsellor.

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