Savouring the Sight

Image by Yusuf Kidwai

The lush texture of pleasure,
A divine, overwhelming sensation.
As your tempted lips smile
Your taste buds prepare you.
The taste could be sweet,
The taste could be bitter,
But what your eyes want
Is the image in front of you.
Your pupils salivate,
Savouring the sight.
Your hands quiver
Because you long for its decadence.
It could be one hundred calories,
It could one thousand.
You don’t care about what society says
About your self image.
The only thing that matters to you
Is the happiness this can bring into your life, even for a moment.
You place it into your mouth
And it feels like the world has vanished.
Oh, how the delicacy slips over your tongue!
You feel the heat of your mouth melting it away,
And sending it where it can never come back.
But that’s okay, because you can always have more.
And more. And more. And more.
That is all this specimen will do to you,
For chocolate has a power of its own…
And the story ends here, unless you decide to eat more.
And more. And more. And more…