Image by Alcina Wong

The ‘S’ is for the storybook summer that has sadly soaked its way into your subconscious. For the sticky, squeaking sound your shoes make as you stroll to class. And for the slippery feeling in the pit of your stomach as you sit in your seat, silently staring at the solidness of the ground.

The first ‘T’ is for your trembling hands as they reach for your treasured timetable. For the terrifying tower of textbooks you will try to tackle. And for the tender sun that teases you through the tingling window.

The ‘U’ is for you and for becoming unique. It’s for the unwanted pressure. For the unexpected and the unknown and the unforgettable weeks.

The ‘D’ is for the dumb decisions you will undoubtedly make. For the dull moments and the devilish ones and for the desperate desire for dreams that might never come true.

The ‘E’ is not for easy. It’s for the endless moments you will spend exaggerating the effort you put into your education. For the excessive drinking and the elaborate excuses. And for the enormous debt that exhausts you.

The ‘N’ is for notebooks filled with nonsense. For narcissism and naughtiness. For nights spent alone and for feeling numb.

The second ‘T’ is for the temper tantrums you will have over theses and theories and teachers. For the tick tock of the clock that reminds you that this time in your life won’t last forever.