Reach for the Stars

By Rachael Hargan



When I was a little girl my dad told me to reach for the stars,

Grasp at the moon,

The world is your oyster.


I took his advice and ran with it, but didn’t get far.

Boxes were blocking me,

Boxes filled with predetermined characteristics.


‘For the North Star – box A. Friendly, passionate, a sprinkle of impulse, a dash of concern. For Vega – box E. Vain, carefree, moments of depth – but just a few’


Society is a highly organized, structured machine

One that doesn’t take kindly to rebellion,

Or slightly opposing characteristics for that matter


‘So don’t let your mind wander. It won’t benefit you in your grasp for your star.”


I obeyed. I was given box E, and the walls of it silenced any divergent individualities that spoke up.


As the years passed, the box became worn, and a hole emerged.

One that gives sight to other stars, a whole galaxy of them


And as the hole enlarges, I see more truth to my fathers’ euphemisms,

Reach for the stars,

Grasp at the moon,

The world is your oyster


Their fulfillment is only conditional on how you perceive the boxes,

As either unsurpassable structures, or as transparent clouds you pass through on your way to new galaxies.