Photogram by Megan Cherniak

Why is it spiritual to speak to a god, but superstitious to dance for one?
What brings more luck, a rabbit’s foot or a blessing from a priest?

Has spirituality ever caused massive wars?
Can we separate religion from spirituality?
Would religion exist without spirituality?

Is a religion more spiritual than a cult?
When is the last time a cult killed millions of people in the name of their faith?
If a cult successfully converts the masses, does it become a religion?

Would the world be better without religion?
Does religion create more good or evil in the world?
Did Gandhi inspire more lives than Hitler destroyed?
Did Jesus save more lives than the Crusades took?

What is the difference between religion and patriotism?
Is it religious to salute a flag or stand for a national anthem?
Do most soldiers pray before they are about to kill each other?
Did Hitler pray a lot?

What is the difference between worship and obsession?
When does an obsession become worship?
Do we worship sports stars and celebrities more than religious figures?
Can obsession become a religion?

Do we worship thinness, and celebrities, or are we just obsessed with them?

What is idolatry?
Why is it idolatry to worship a golden cow, but not a man hanging on a cross?
Is the obsession over the Laurier Golden Hawk a form of idolatry?
Who decided to put the symbol of the Golden Hawk in the middle of the floor, anyway?