Pull A Few Flowers

Photography by Devon Butler

Pull a few flowers to make your path
with love and attention the route made will last.
engage in destruction and playing the game
and the fun will soon vanish as your lost in a maze
the road served a purpose and it led you a way
that was carved by a fellow or a lady once upon a day
whoever they were they proceeded with reason
whether it was to get to mcdonalds or to the 4 seasons
They could have considered that they had harmed mother nature
Or maybe they were passerbys who didn’t see the danger
So I stop at the inn and I got an MGD
and met a fair maiden who got the same thing as me,
there was power in my decision to choose the main road
There was power in my decisions which speed I should go.
I spend a night with her and decided to spend one more
then paid her in lump sum for in fact she was a hoar
It was she who had the power for that was hooker lane
I said thanks for the sex but I must be on my way
I must learn to create my path or else I’m sure we’ll meet again.