They sat there with their stares piercing me like daggers, quoting passages about ‘eternal damnation’ and accepting Jesus Christ as my own personal saviour. They raped me with their words of ‘the worst possible sin’ that led to hell and continued on, spouting their beliefs until I was left with my nails digging into my skin, imprinting my hand with a pain I couldn’t express.

As long as we repent for our impulses, or choose not to make that choice, we’ll be okay. Even if we’ve raped hundreds of women or killed innocent children, as long as we repent by accepting jesus and our hearts are true and pure, we’ll all be headed to heaven for the eternal judgement by this being they call ‘god’.

I don’t understand religion. Sometimes I wonder if my views of it as a cult are merely the views of an envious girl, standing on the outside and staring in. But if the people who are let into heaven practice hate while preach love, then I don’t think I want to be part of that heaven anyway. I think I’ll stick to my version of religion, that of spirituality. I’ve always been curious about the complete and utter conviction in a belief shared by a common religion, but I also have a complete and utter conviction in my form of spirituality, centered around creativity and beauty.

Oh, and love.