Ode to Failure

Is est securus occumbo, ferreus ut orior oriri ortus.

How I flout at you oh failure!
I sneer and scoff upon you.

teeming, seething, breeding.

Oh, how we have met before
in mystical epic war.
You, with heads of tedious serpent
I, a surly peasant.

Your constant challenge I do await
it is you that I do bait.

relentless, heinous, omnipotence.

I watch you amongst the present,
lurking in your yellow shadow
licking your tongue into the corners
of the night,
goose-stepping behind me crying
“Sieg Heil” thrice.

Oh failure, release my weapon bearing hand,
your lines taunt as a snickering farceur
frightening my beloved muse.
Oh, mischievous usurper of my peace,
your snide ways captured their minds.

plath, hemingway, poe.

You riddle them, you riddle me,
“Oh failure, I chant your terrifying name!”

Dare you not take your bow!
“Satis est satis” so pray, let me lay.
You, headless Winged Victory,
how you are within me!