My Show

Illustration by Katie Parkes

My bones, my strong, precious bones are the stage, holding me in place as I sway to the beat of my heart.
My vertebrae are the microphone stand, keeping me balanced in front of this crowd.

My femurs are the boom boxes, radiating sound down through my toes,
giving my feet the energy to move.

My pelvic bones are my headphones, keeping my sound in the sensitive spot,
giving my hips reason to shake.

My ribcage is my hero, protecting my lungs, letting my breath become the voice I share with the world.
My humerus bones are my favourite, behaving like wires,
extending my soul and my sound to the very tips of my fingers.

My skull is my concrete disco ball,
turning to the tune running through my brain and making my eyes shine like glitter.

My muscles, my firm, exhausted muscles are my instruments, coming alive to the sound of my dancing.

My ligaments are the strings,
wrapping their melodies around my skeleton and maintaining a musical harmony.

My tendons are my family, my band mates,
sharing my life and connecting my strengths together, generating a noise all my own.

My skin, my raw, experienced skin is my speaker, blasting the chorus, letting lyrics seep out of my pores.

It radiates beautifully as it sings my song. My blood, my thick, fiery blood is my liquid confidence,
shooting through my veins, performing for this audience. It flows with unison as it keeps me in tune.

And my heart, my swollen, wild heart is my source of power,
the play button on my stereo, turning my music up loud.

My heart is in charge of sound checks, wrestling my emotions as it beats my drum.