My Love Letter To You

by Manreet Lachar

Dear you,

I wanted to write you poetry,
but then I thought about you.

And to be honest, I…
have no idea what I’m doing.
I am not good with words,
or people,
or feelings.

But for you,
I’ll attempt to be good at all three.

No one would argue that
I am the earth
(grounded and sturdy and always there –
but unmemorable and ignored),
but you are the sun
and everything (I do) revolves around you.

(Like how I hold you after a bad dream,
or when our hands intertwine across the table,
or I let you cry on my shoulder after a fight with your family,
or watch you dance around the room with a sparkle in your eye,
or when we get ice-cream during a 4 AM existential crisis.)

And the feeling I get around you
(that comes out when
you laugh at one of my bad jokes,
or embrace me as the world falls apart around me,
or smile at me when I tell you about my dreams)
is the purest thing I’ve ever felt.

And I wonder,
did you just want me as an act of rebellion?
Did you think you’d actually fall in love with me?
Did you think I’d actually fall in love with you?
Because I did.
And I do.

I wanted to write you poetry,
but then I thought about all the moments we’ve shared,
and I think that’s poetry enough.

Love, me