Photography by Lakyn Barton

“Let’s imagine power as the ink in a pen,” he said.

Then, he asked, “Well, the power of greed makes you want to hoard your wealth, right?”

We all nod in agreement.

“So, then, you don’t write at all!” He cackled at his own genius.

“You hold so much power this way, and should you want to use your ink, you could, right?! You could feel safe in knowing you held your ink! Right?!”

We all smiled nervously, was he losing his grasp on reality?

He was supposed to be a professor.

“But we’re distorting reality! Don’t you see?” His smile was gone; he looked disappointed.

“By writing with your ink and pen, by letting go of what you thought you needed to hoard, you exhibit more power than you thought you could. You can even wield the power of the written word now!” He was almost shouting.

“When none could see your ink before, suddenly everyone and anyone can read what you write, and your words can be remembered forever.” His eyes were shiny and wet.

“Unlike the ink that sits in your pen, rotting away, your words go on to flourish in ways you never thought possible.” He was getting quiet now.

The students were humbled by his passion.