Melting the Cynic

Photography by Morgan Alan

The poem you’re about to read is about someone who has cut themselves off from the world: skeptical of love and romance, withdrawing when someone other than their friends and family member touch them, embracing solitariness so they don’t have to worry about being disappointed…but when the cynic melts through time and random acts of kindness, a very different potential future presents itself.

I have a lot to learn
the lines in my face show my years
but none of the lessons I’ve come across
the pliancy of my mouth and cheeks hide
a harder, deprecative side
God, I have a lot to learn

take my hands and let me
touch your face
I don’t have words to describe . . .
what I’m touching – suffice it
to say: I’m loving you

it is so strange,
and I am new at this

down in something; slippery and stuck
drowning, slapping, pushed between layers
I call to you, wait, and let my arms slink to my side
but not to wrap around myself, though I shiver steadily.
You don’t even have to lead me to land
just stand with me
and we’ll hold each other by the eyes