Marble Palaces

Is she weird? Shelly Therrien

If I had the time
I would bury all the gold back into the dirt,
Ripping shine off awe-taking marble Palaces like –
crash; pockets and holes
Full of sharpened diamonds and crusted scabs.
And if I had some time maybe
I would arrest you for following ambulances,
Stealing glances and fantasies in passerby mirrors like –
wait; seconds and shade

Watching orange sunsets drape across piles of red bricks,
dripping into yellow blades.
And if I had a little time maybe
I would bury all these corpses,
Savoring stiff Fingers and purple Tongues like –
sorry; we’ve died
And we die and we’ll die on.
And if I had the time
I would quietly drown all these crying babies,
Whispering silly Lullabies into their Red-moist ears like –
hush; baby sleep
Hear the Whales are roaring.
And then, if I had a bit more time
I would drive my car off a bridge,
Chasing blue veins and green arteries into spiraling rapids like –
jesus; inhale out and
Wait for the Exhale in.

But if I had all of time
I’d waste it with you,
Watching dust dance like shadows in the windows, singing: kiss; see all
the Dreams of white marble palaces and Roaring ambulances?
(… they’re hiding in the Heart).