Lust in a Jar

Allie 2

Photography by Allie Hincks

To my lusty lover,
They say moderation is the best way to lead a balanced life. It’s all about moderation. Is it though? I find myself dreaming my day away thinking of when I can taste you again. My senses bemoan to be overwhelmed with your slightest touch. When you caress my tongue, my eyes roll back and my breaths deepen. These are the desires and emotions that run through me every second when I am without you:
You are the cheese to my Liz Lemon.
I crave you in the night when I am too tired to move out of my cocoon of warmth to find you.
I long for you in class when I am tied to my desk until the clock releases me from my educational ties.
I salivate at the very thought of our next rendezvous.
I enjoy you with others in the mix, but I love you most. I hope you notice me.
My heart is clogged with your sticky goodness.
Your love fattens my soul.
The more time I spend with you, the more my pant size increases.
Spooning leads to forking, but who eats peanut butter with a fork?!
Sincerely yours,