Adrian, Dan Lynn

O and E. A Lament.

Lethe, slow and grey,
Slides past my feet
While the willow above me
Weeps leaves into the water

Eons I stand
All forgotten
Until Psychopompous’ touch
Wakes me from my oblivion

(I redefine from fuzzy
beneath his judge’s hand)

He takes me to
the frozen Queen
She weeps, a wonder in tears
The earth-bound kind waves his hand

Before me stands
The golden one
He comes from the time before
With his lyre in his hand

The icy bonds
Around my heart
Break and dissolve into warmth
I reach out my hand for his

He leads me up
To take me back
Darkness fades slowly to light
And he steps free from the fates

Still holding my fingers.

I feel him turn,
And look behind

I fall.
Forgotten, forgetful, lost.