KW Rocks

Somebody asked me recently if I got harassed much for being out and (fairly) proud in high school. Simply put? No, not at all… for two reasons mainly:

  1. I went to a fine arts high school where being gay did not make you a minority.
  2. I grew up 10 minutes from downtown Toronto, where diversity is everywhere. I was really lucky that my adolescent queer years were fostered in such an exciting/accepting/alternative location.

But, do I miss it? Not enough to cry about it. Kitchener-Waterloo, though not as large in size to Toronto, is also a great place to be queer… Nay, more than that! To be of an orientation, background, lifestyle, etc. that is not the norm.

I’m not just talking about The Rainbow Centre – although I am a fan! I’m not talking about GLOW or Dyketopia at University of Waterloo either…

I’m talking about the Starlight, Club Abstract, and Club Renaissance. I’m talking about Orange Monkey, Jane Bond, and Café 1842. I’m talking about The Old Goat, Words Worth Books, and Princess Cinema. Alternatives are everywhere!

So don’t miss [insert hometown here] either! Be proud to be a Kitchenerian/Waterludlian while you’re here. It’s truly not a bad place to be.