It Isn’t A Position With Research in Motion

Photograph by Yusuf Kidwai

It begins with the idea of love, which equals marriage between mom and dad. This somehow results in a baby sister, who you suspect had something to do with a stork. You then learn that there’s a penis and a vagina involved, but you have to wear a condom. To your horror, you hear from Sally, who heard from Betty that Julie’s older sister gives blow jobs to her boyfriend.

This leads to the undeniable conclusion that the vagina is not the only place a penis can be inserted, and that the penis is most definitely not the only thing that can be inserted into a vagina – which, you later discover, is more accurately a vulva. In fact, it’s not strictly reserved to be enjoyed between a man and a woman, but by man to man, woman to woman, and human to toy. Hell, you’re not even limited to any number of participants: from solo to freak show, and everything in between!

Still, some people never discover that sex is more than just monogamous, heterosexual, penis-to-vagina intercourse with the sole purpose of procreation. Have you heard of a rim job?