It and Other

Photography by Devon Butler

It is found in wild and untamed,
Uniting and holding up thousands.
Many have them and lose them.

The other is found in and on the work,
Binding the structured and organized.
The other is easily bent out of shape.

Run millions, and know how common it is.
Stack dozens, and then bend them for fun.

The tap will show their chase,
And the profile of connection.

It is quite rigid, and many say inflexible,
But see it accentuate what’s beautiful.
The other is ordinary if not outdated,
Though the other coloured will shine.

Together other carries it,
And the two make one,
Like the millions,
Like the dozens.

In boxes and on board,
It and other do accord.

P.G Gallant has been a Blueprint staff writer since 2011.