In Praise of Age

Standoff, Nick Lachance

People find it odd how much I love old people.

I don’t mean it in a patronizing way, but when I see old people and interact with them, I get the feeling that many have about children: I absolutely love them. The elderly are so confident and comfortable with themselves; they not only appreciate what they have had in life, but also the time they have left.

Society tells us that youth is the highlight of life, and that as we get older, we’re simply getting closer to our inevitable death. I, however, can’t wait to be a senior citizen. Good health providing, retirement is my ideal lifestyle.

Heading south for the winter, not having to stress about work or children, having time to drink my daily coffee and read the newspaper, morning walks, afternoon naps and being surrounded by friends I’ve spent a lifetime collecting sounds pretty perfect to me. Instead of always wondering what’s next and stressing about what the future will hold, you have a life to reflect on and good times to cherish.

So as the years roll by and those around me come to dread their birthdays and lament their lost youth, I eagerly await what I view as the best part of life.