I Wanna…

Shadow, Yusuf Kidwai

I wanna kiss you, I wanna suck you, I wanna fuck you.
I don’t wanna miss you anymore.
I wanna see you burst into our room,
I wanna push you down onto the bed,
I wanna jump on top of your head.
I wanna kiss your entire body,
I wanna put myself inside of you,
I wanna rub myself on you, all over you.
I wanna lick you, cause I picked you!
I want you here, near, tightly entwined with me,
wrapped around, tightly woven,
like a blanket snug and cozy in this icebox of a room.
I wanna turn up the heat,
sound proof our sanctuary,
dance naked in the moonlight,
caress you by candlelight,
roll around on the floor, pin you up against the door!
I wanna sit you down in this chair,
make you moan until you’re almost there,
huffing, puffing, asking for more, no more, more,
too much,
Right there.
I wanna shower with you in the hottest steam jet,
then jump into to the snow to feel how hard you can get,
I wanna cover you in chocolate, yogurt,
fuck, why not some granola and munch on you for a gay o’ snack!
Maybe that line was a bit much,
but FUCK! I wanna eat you out for brunch.
I want you all over me,
wet, dripping down my leg,
shaking with excitement,
squealing for more,
I wanna rub you down and up and all around,
I wanna cover you in hot oil,
slip and slide,
bump and grind,
so it echoes in the treetops.
I wanna roll in the mud,
sink deep into the earth,
Pushing deeper with you,
riding you to the ground.
I wanna dive deep into your dark waters
crash your body onto the shore.
I wanna lay you down on rock and sand
make love to you across the land.
I wanna lay with you engulfed in the tallest of tall grass,
tickle you with wildflowers till they make you sneeze,
I wanna spread you wide open on the brightest of days,
run wild with you in the cool breeze.
Under tall trees,
hidden away and feeling free.
There is so much I wanna do,
But I’m missing you.